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Satori Screen: Weathering With You (12A) S

31 Jan 2020

Directed by

Makoto Shinkai

Weathering With You

Tokyo is suffering from endless torrential rain when teenage runaway Hodaka arrives in the city after growing up on an isolated island. He battles hardship as he seeks to establish a life for himself. When he encounters Hina, a young woman who appears to have the ability to stop the rain, he finds himself embarking on an epic adventure. Director Makoto Shinkai made the most successful anime ever with 2016’s worldwide hit Your Name and follows it up with another fantastical tale full of romance and intrigue with a supernatural twist.

This screening will include an introduction by Satori Screen's Peter Munford.

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"Perhaps more than any other filmmaker working in the field today, Shinkai understands that beauty can be addictive, and he makes sure to keep his audience dosed up" ★★★★ - The Daily Telegraph