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A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (U)

25 Oct
07 Nov 2019

Directed by

Will Becher, Richard Phelan


Shaun (Justin Fletcher) and his gang have been enjoying a quiet life, but when an intergalactic being crash lands on Mossy Bottom Farm, that’s all about to change. Wandering sheepishly into the shed, Shaun meets a mysterious figure, a mischievous alien called Lu-La. Discovering she has magical extra-terrestrial powers, Shaun is amazed and welcomes her into the flock.

Curious of her new surroundings, Lu-La enjoys her time with Shaun and the sheep and she shows off her naughty side – hiding from the farmer (John Sparkes) and helping Shaun wind up his friend, Bitzer. But Lu-La is missing her faraway home and she’s very much lost. 

With the help of his friends, Shaun agrees to help Lu-La find her way back to her home planet. But with a dangerous organisation on the hunt for the unique alien, the flock don’t have any time to waste. They must figure out a way to help their new friend before Farmageddon strikes.


Please note that normal cinema ticket prices apply for this film, it is not part of QUAD's Cine Kids programme.

Due to contractual obligations with the film's distributor we are unable to offer the Cine Kids ticket price so close to the film's release date.