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The Street (15)

17 Dec
19 Dec 2019

Directed by

Zed Nelson

The Street

As the glinting steel and mirror-glass skyscrapers of London's financial hub edge ever closer, the area surrounding Hoxton Street has been transformed by 'luxury' redevelopments and sky-high property prices. This traditional East London street, less than a mile from the City Of London, has becomes the last bastion of the areas disadvantaged - a concentration of the aged, poor and dispossessed. Following its inhabitants over a four-year period, Zed Nelson's debut feature-length documentary charts the toxic collision of gentrification, austerity and the nation's slide into Brexit. 

"Refreshingly complex. **** 4 stars" - Time Out
"Very astute, nicely judged. **** 4 stars" - Radio Times
"A wonderful, humane film. **** 4 stars" - Songlines.