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Too Late To Die Young (15) S

07 Jun
13 Jun 2019

Directed by

Dominga Sotomayor Castillo

Too Late To Die Young

Chilean writer-director Dominga Sotomayor Castillo latest feature set in 1990s’s Chile, this follows will-they-won’t-they teenagers Sofia and Lucas, along with younger troublemaker Clara, all heading to a rural shantytown where they hope to idle the summer away while their parents debate the future. Lucas, awkwardly strumming his guitar, can’t hide his jealousy when Sofia, a sullen tomboy starting to exploit her looks, gravitates towards an older guy; while Clara, left to her own sneaky devices, claims that a confused dog is Frida, her family’s beloved Bernese Mountain Dog who has run away. Inti Briones’ photography is strikingly brilliant, with dreamy static takes brimming with a wealth of passing detail – when the dry scrubland is engulfed by a wildfire, the filmmaking smoulders to match. Youthful desire, ennui and mischief have rarely felt so tangible.

"An ambitious feat of storytelling delivered with a sensitivity to mood and emotion” - Screen Daily

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