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Vice (15)

25 Jan
07 Feb 2019

Directed by

Adam McKay

Vice (15)

★ Nominated for 8 Oscars

McKay follows his Oscar winning film The Big Short with a star-studded comedy-drama with a transformative Christian Bale in the lead role of Dick Cheney.

Vice tracks the rise of politician Dick Cheney from his beginnings into one of the most prominent vice presidents in American history.

For the role, Bale has piled on the weight to play Cheney at different points in his life. With Amy Adams as his wife Lynne Cheney, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld and Sam Rockwell as Dubya himself.

Already a front runner for Oscars after nabbing six Golden Globe nominations for Best Film, Best Actor (Bale), Best Director (McKay), Best Supporting Actress (Adams), Best Supporting Actor (Rockwell) and Best Screenplay.

Please note: The subtitled screenings of Vice (15) Tuesday 29th January, 18:25 will start promptly, with no ads.

"Brainy, audacious, opinionated and fun, "Vice" is a tonic for troubled times" - Los Angeles Times