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Paracinema Film Festival Day Pass

Paracinema Weekend Friday 3 - Monday 6 May 2019 Anything goes! This is the motto of Paracinema, a festival dedicated to films and genres outside the mainstream

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Paracinema Arcade

Paracinema presents an arcade experience running through the Bank Holiday weekend. We are delighted to have 10 retro arcade machines that will transform the

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A Nightmare On Elm Street

Paracinema: Slasher In A Knife Factory - Nightmare On Elm Street (18)

Paracinema steps outside the walls of QUAD once again for a very special screening. We are joining forces with Derby’s internationally recognised Blok Knives

04th May 2019
Paracinema Shorts 1

Paracinema Shorts 1 (Adv 18)

The very best short films submitted to Paracinema this year. This first selection includes a Scottish Council Ghostbusting duo, the Bride Of Frankenstein, a

04th May 2019
House Of Blue Shadows

Paracinema Classic Showcase: House Of Blue Shadows (Adv 18) S

A chance to see the classic Italian giallo film that never got a theatrical release in the UK on first release. A man that unintentionally killed a young girl

04th May 2019
Emily Booth

Paracinema: Emily Booth In Conversation

We are delighted to welcome Emily Booth to Paracinema. Emily has been a mainstay on the horror scene since her early appearances in Alex Chandon’s Pervirella (

04th May 2019
Inner Ghosts

Paracinema: Inner Ghosts (Adv 18) + Q+A

To call Helen’s research “revolutionary” would be a huge understatement. In a quest to find a cure for brain diseases, she has developed a theory that the key

04th May 2019
The Dead Center

Paracinema: The Dead Center (Adv 18)

An unidentified suicide victim (Jeremy Childs) comes back to life and walks out of the morgue. Medical examiner Edward Graham (Bill Feehely) begins the search

04th May 2019
The Next Kill

Paracinema: The Next Kill (Adv 18)

After the city’s deadliest serial killer breaks out of jail, the ageing Texas Ranger that put him away comes out of retirement to stop the monster’s rampage,

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Paracinema: Diamantino (Cert TBC)

Everybody wants a piece of Portuguese football superstar Diamantino Matamouros: his trainer father sees a champion, his sisters see a meal ticket, and his

04th May 2019