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Singing Lovebirds

Satori Screen: Singing Lovebirds (Adv U) S + Introduction

The daughter of a ronin (a masterless samurai) is in love with another ronin who lives next door. But she faces steep romantic competition from two other local

09th Nov 2019
Tokyo Tribe

Satori Screen: Tokyo Tribe (18) S + Introduction By Dr. Chi Yun Shin

Japan’s first’s hip-hop musical/action movie hybrid! In the not too distant future, Tokyo finds itself in the grip of various street gangs, all of who have a

09th Nov 2019
The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers

Satori Screen: The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers (15) S

In the early ‘80s Japanese musician Haruo Chicada created a concept album called The Legend Of Stardust Brothers as the soundtrack to a film that did not exist

09th Nov 2019