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Conspiracy theory, Politics and Representation

03 Jul 2019

Conference: Conspiracy theory, politics and representation
Wednesday 3 July, 9:30 – 18:00 (registration begins at 9:00)

QUAD Cinema 2. Tickets: £10  

Followed by a screening of John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ at 18:30 (ticket price included in conference cost) with an introduction by Andrew F. Wilson.

Speakers include: Peter Knight, David Robertson, Daniel Jolley, Julianne Lischka, Gretchen Soderlund, Phil Burton-Cartledge, Andrew F. Wilson and Megan Broadmeadow

This conference brings together a number of experts who all work towards developing an understanding of how conspiracy theories spread and what they mean. It is an academic conference with experts presenting their ideas but it is intended to be accessible to all. If you have an interest in conspiracy theories, representation, or politics then the day’s events will offer a great many stimulating ideas and insights.

Conference organised by Andrew F. Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Derby, with funding from the University of Derby and support from QUAD

Click here to download the conference programme.