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Down To Earth: Mindfulness March

26 Mar 2020
Down To Earth: Mindfulness March

Jamie Quince-Starkey from Down To Earth Project presents a series of talks bringing the important conversations around nature, our connection to nature and our own nature to the debate. These talks are about having real conversations with people who are doing interesting things, sharing their stories, their knowledge and their wisdom. 

But this series of talks are not your average event. We want the audience involved as much as possible, that means you ask the questions on what you want to know. 

Join us as we learn together.

How important is it for humans to have a relationship with nature and what are the benefits of spending our time outdoors?

In this month's talk we delve into nature and its effect on our mental state and wellbeing. We will talk about how nature can be used in a therapeutic manner, how we are bound to nature and what is meant by nature connectedness!

Our Guests for this talk include:

Dr Ruth Allen - Counsellor, outdoor therapist and writer. Ruth is also an adventurer and writer, her first book on nature connection will be published in the autumn. Ruth specialises in outdoor practice and nature connection and in 2019 she became the CIC DIrector of 'Rooted for Girls', a unique woodland-based Psycho-educational programme for teenage girls in the North of England.

Hollie-Anne Passmore - Dr. Holli-Anne Passmore is a post-doctoral research with Professor Miles Richardson's Nature Connectedness Lab at the University of Derby.  She is also the Director of the Nature--Meaning in Life Research lab at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, Canada.  Holli-Anne is a well-being researcher who focuses on two main areas:  (1) How connecting with nature can enhance well-being; (2) Meaning in Life.

Tickets - £10 Full Price and £8 Concession