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Projected Spectres - Ghost Stories On Film

30 Nov 2019
Projected Figures

With Darrell Buxton

What's the next best thing to reading a spooky ghost story by firelight? Why, being creeped out watching one, via the flickering illumination of a movie screen or TV, of course. Many a shuddersome yarn has been visually enhanced, adapted for cinema or home viewing, and the finest exponents of the art have even come close to capturing the essence of M.R. James, Stephen King and company, satisfactorily dramatising those prose chills. Screenwriter and cult film historian Darrell Buxton will be your spirit guide as we take a look back at Hollywood hauntings, Ealing eeriness, Xmas ectoplasm and more.

Tickets £12

Please note that Saturday Day Passes and Full Weekend Passes are also available for the Ghost Story Festival! 
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