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UK Ghost Story Festival 2021: Post-Punk Phantoms

26 Nov 2021
Farzad Sedaghat via Pexels

With Darrell Buxton.

Uncanny tales can take unusual forms, as evidenced within the crop of exciting music releases in the years following the punk explosion. New acts seeking to expand on the 1977 template often veered towards spooky inspirations and influences.

In 'Post-Punk Phantoms', author and lecturer Darrell Buxton will lead you through the creepy cacophony, examining the eerie lyrics and nerve-shattering sounds offered by performers within this under-discussed area of phantasmagoric fiction. Dare to revisit the primal voodoo of Siouxsie Sioux, the sepulchral utterances of Bauhaus, the weird wordscapes conjured by Mark E Smith, and more.

Price: £6