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Artefacts of Failure

26 Jul
06 Oct 2012
Artefacts of failure

Collated from a national open call featuring paintings that were never completed; exhibition proposals that were never realised; rejection letters; broken sculptures; over exposed photographs and any other works that initially weren’t a success! Failure, trial and error is an unavoidable part of any artistic practice. In writing these lines, we’re probably failing to communicate exactly our thoughts to you. Is that a failure? We want to share with you the fascinating stories behind creativity and experimentation, something that we can all relate to!

Artists include:
Jonathan Alibone & Alexander Small, Richard Bradley, Sophie Cullinan, Joseph Davis, Sarah Dixon, Bryan Eccleshall, Nansy Ferrett-Campbell, Mira Graham, Charlie Hurcombe, Susan Martin, Paul Matosic, Ingrid Berthon-Moine, Barry Morris, Marc Renshaw, Miriam Robson, Heather Rudd, Frances Ryan, Estelle Rocca-Serra, Martha Webster, Elizabeth Wewiora and Simon Withers.

Curated by Peter Bonnell and Jill Carruthers.