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The Buster Keaton Picture Show! (U) Featuring Live Score by Haiku Salut

21 Mar 2019

Directed by

Clyde Bruckman & Buster Keaton

The Buster Keaton Picture Show

Buster Keaton's recently restored comedy masterpiece The General is back on screen at QUAD this time with a live original score from Derbyshire's own Haiku Salut. Described by Orson Welles as "the greatest comedy ever made, the greatest Civil War film ever made, and perhaps the greatest film ever made", The General is a comedy classic and one of the last major films of the silent era. 

Based on a true incident, the Great Locomotive Chase; with the 'General' of the title referring to engineer Johnnie Gray's (Keaton) engine. Gray has been rejected by both the Confederate Army and by his fiancee Annabelle but when Union spies steal the General (and unwittingly, Annabelle), he gets a chance to exercise his heroism - with Keaton's trademark humour - to catch up to the General and rescue his beloved. In this ambitious production, Keaton performs all his own stunts using his incredible comic timing and body language to create hilarious, near perfect entertainment. 

Haiku Salut are an instrumental trio from the Derbyshire Dales. The trio consists of Gemma Barkerwood, Sophie Barkerwood and Louise Croft. Between them, Haiku Salut play accordion, piano, glockenspiel, trumpet, guitar, ukulele, drums, malletkat, synth and melodica. With a mix of rock, folk and electronica this is set to be a cracking event!

The Buster Keaton Picture Show! (U) Featuring Live Score by Haiku Salut
Thursday 21st March at 7:30pm
Tickets - £12 Full Price, £10 Concession and £9 QUAD Members

The Buster Keaton Pictureshow! was created and commissioned by Nottingham Contemporary’s The Screen at Contemporary and supported by BFI Comedy Genius Season.