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Dryden Goodwin WORK - New Commission

01 Jan
31 Dec 2019
Dryden Goodwin
Image credit: QUAD WORK commission © Dryden Goodwin 2019

Throughout 2019 the artist and filmmaker Dryden Goodwin will be creating a new film, a new commission for QUAD, focusing on the working life of a Derby based care-worker. The film will explore the interactions and connections between care-worker and clients in an intimate expanded portrait. Goodwin’s work often seeks to reveal people, places or issues that are overlooked or uncelebrated. He uses drawing, film, photography, sound and animation to make connections with his subjects through conversations and dialogue, exploring aspects of the inner and emotional life of the people he studies. His films and drawing works have been shown nationally and internationally in museums, galleries and cinemas. 

WORK is two-year programme developed by Animate Projects involving four artists working with four partners exploring ideas and the realities of what ‘work’ means for the ways we live today. The four partners are Fermynwoods, Junction Arts, Vivid, and QUAD.

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