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Leila Johnston: Digital Participation Artist in Residence 2018

10 Nov
03 Feb 2019
Leila Johnston
Image credit: Leila Johnston, Déda Associate Dancers, Daniel Longhurst and Megan Smith, 2018

QUAD’s Digital Participation Artist in Residence, Leila Johnston, will be exhibiting new work in QUAD’S Extra Gallery Spaces.

The Sheffield-based artist collaborated with Déda associate dancers, Daniel Longhurst and Megan Smith to create a new body of work, that is in part inspired by a workshop about dance and new technologies that Leila co-created with dancer Rosa Cisneros for Derbyshire Healthcare inpatients. Touching on themes of transformation, collaboration and hope in the face of uncertainty, this ambient installation comprises of chained LED matrices running film off Raspberry Pi. The LEDs are then diffused through perspex panels to create a dreamlike effect. Leila has completed residencies in the UK and abroad and has exhibited at The Lowry in Manchester and at a number of festivals. She is Digital Curator at the Site Gallery, Sheffield.

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