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Friday 30 August


Fright Club: Framed (18) S

We’re always exited to bring you the latest in terror here at Fright Club, and with Framed, we have brought you a nightmare for the digital age. In a world

30th Aug 2019

Leto (15) S

From Russian theatre and film director Kirill Serebrennikov (The Student), currently under house arrest in his home country, comes Leto (‘summer’) is a

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Mrs Lowry & Son

Mrs Lowry & Son (PG)

This film focuses on the brittle but vital relationship between L.S.Lowry, one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century, and his bedridden, unhappy and

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The Angry Birds Movie 2

CK: The Angry Birds Movie 2 (U)

The Birds are back! This time there is a threat to their islands so big and dangerous that they are forced to join forces with the Pigs to fight back!  Cine

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Playmobil: The Movie

CK: Playmobil: The Movie (U)

A young woman travels to the animated world of Playmobil to find her missing younger brother, Charlie. In order to bring him home, she must embark on a

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