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Sunday 23 February

Sunday Cinema

Sunday Cinema

Sunday Cinema is QUAD’s fortnightly film club for people who like movies and like talking about them even more! Come to QUAD every other Sunday at 5:30pm and

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Bento Harassment

JFTFP: Bento Harassment (Advised PG) S

Kaori (Ryoko Shinohara) is a single mother and she raises her high school daughter Futaba (Kyoko Yoshine). The teenager is in a rebellious phase, and ignores

23rd Feb 2020

JFTFP: Jesus (Advised 12A) S

When 9-year-old Yura moves from the city to a small town, he immediately feels lonely and isolated. All that changes during a school prayer session. Yura opens

23rd Feb 2020
My Love Story!

JFTFP: My Love Story! (Advised 12A) S

A live adaptation of the unique girls' manga following the slapstick romantic antics of a pure-hearted and sincere guy with the looks of a meathead. Takeo Goda

23rd Feb 2020

JFTFP: Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler (Advised 12A) S

Forget grades at Hyakkaou Private Academy, an elite school for the rich, gambling is the only way to succeed. Blackjack, poker, rock-paper-scissors – winners

23rd Feb 2020
Fando And Lis

Fando And Lis (15) S

This strange classic was ‘lost’ for 30 years. It tells the tale of two youths (Fando and his partially paralysed lover Lis) who search through a destroyed

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