Who's your favourite Robot in Film?

29 June 2017

To coincide with our Robots & A.I. exhibition season, we asked QUAD staff to name their favourite robot characters in film. Are there any we've missed? If so let us know in the comments or via Twitter @derbyquad. Look out for some great robotic films soon in QUAD cinema, including Woody Allen's Sleeper. 

"Robocop 2, all the failed attempts at creating Robocop again. Chilling." - Daryn, Facilities Officer

"WALL-E!" - Andy Lindley, Head of Technical Services

"Our joint favourite is Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, HE'S ALIVE!" - Sam & Tom, Designers at Firecatcher

"Osamu Tezuka’s 1952 creation and Japanese national icon Astro Boy is my favourite. A robot shaped like a small boy with seven superpowers who fights against injustice wherever he finds it." - Peter, Specialised Cinema Marketing Assistant

"Bender from Futurama - a robot that doesn't do what it's told!" - Steve, Head of Catering

"Only latterly a film but got to be Marvin the Paranoid Android in Hitchickers Guide to the Galaxy" - Adam, CEO

"Mine is Wall-E. He proved actions speak louder than words and melted our hearts in the process" - Mandy, Visitor Services Assistant

"Roy Batty, the bad guy from Blade Runner brilliantly portrayed by Rutger Hauer." - Michael, Assistant Curator

"My choice is Bishop from Aliens (and then alas, just his head in Alien3). I loved that guy, even though the film scared the pants off me as a kid. He made up for the trauma of seeing Ian Holm go crazy as Ash in the first film" - Kirsty, Duty Manager

"Johnny 5 from Short Circuit - I remember these films as a child and I wished that we had a robot friend!" - Jess, Marketing Officer

"I'd have to go for R2-D2. That little droid has survived multiple space battles and being saddled with C3-PO for decades. He deserves all the awards! Or, T-1000. He's a badass." - Darius, Digital Engagement Officer

"The Iron Giant, he shoot lazers out his eyes so that is pretty cool!" - Kathy, Marketing Manager

"Marvin the depressed android from Hitchhikers Guide, for his wit and general malaise - and WALL-E

on the opposite of the personality spectrum, who would probably make good friends with R2-D2" - Debbie, Digital Artist Training Curator

"Its WALL-E for me. So hard working, resourceful, busy saving the planet in his own small way but still finding time to enjoy life's little pleasure and of course finding love. I may actually be a little in love with him..." - Hana, Mainframe Marketing Manager

"Tik-Tok in Return to Oz. Love the way he bounces from side to side, a bit like a weeble, his caring personality and his fierce self-defence skills when up against the Wheelers (spinning round and whacking them with Dorothy's lunch pail). He also relies on his various faculties being wound up which gives him a vulnerability." - Ben, Artistic Director of 1623 Theatre

"I am just being nostalgic: Johnny 5, Short Circuit." - Mauro, Programme Manager