Youth Review: Mustang

01 June 2016
Mustang tells the story of 5 orphaned sisters living with their grandma and uncle in Turkey and how their innocent beach play caused humiliation which resulted in their lives changing. As bars go up around their grand house, preparation begins to transform these "wild" girls in to respectful young women, who in time will be matched with appropriate men to marry. The film was written by Deniz Gamze Ergüven and Alice Winocour and was nominated for Best Foreign Film at this year's Oscars. As well as this nomination, the group had heard lots of positive reviews about the film, so what was their reaction?

The group were all really impressed with the film and were particularly fond of the relationship between the sisters and how they interacted with each other. As a viewer you become immersed in their everyday lives and feel part of their world. Their playfulness is subtley humorous and their individual quests for freedom make it compelling to watch. When tragic situations happen, it is difficult not to be affected as you have travelled with them as they have been encouraged to grow up. These moments were often subtle, which made them all the more powerful to the viewer. Lale (Gunes Sensoy) is the youngest of the sisters and her spirit and determination result in secret football matches, learning to drive and rescuing one of her sisters. She is the centrepiece of the film, but the group all agreed the whole cast acted well. 

The only slight criticism of the film was the intermittent voiceover from Lale, which the group didn't feel was necessary. 

The group give this film a super 4/5 and encourage people to watch it!