Youth Review: The Commune

25 August 2016
The Commune is the new film by Thomas Vinterberg. Known for some heavyweight dramas including The Hunt, The Celebration and Far From the Madding Crowd, Youth Review thought we’d check it out. 

Set in 1970’s Denmark it tells the story of a newly formed commune and the subsequent fallout of this decision for Anna, played by Trine Dyrholm. 

So what did the group think? Well in general good things. The group liked the nostalgic feel, but also felt that it was not too heavy handed. Crucially the group also thought that Anna’s breakdown was well handled and highly affecting. The interesting themes that were drawn out in this film including aging and being trapped by your own ideologies and ideas about freedom, made really interesting discussion points and that is more than can be said for many films. 

The commune itself were well drawn and three dimensional, if quite rarely used. The motivations of the group and the group mentality, was also clear and quite effective in drawing you into their world. 

So it was perfect then, right? No exactly. Although there was a lot of praise for the film, it was quite drawn out and for some of the group, quite boring. The group also felt that some parts of the film were noticeably rushed. But perhaps the main let down of the film was the ending, which the group thought was quite cheesy and predictable. This is a huge shame and not really in keeping with the rest of the film which had been solid tonally prior to that. One group member said that it seemed like the director just wanted a way to end it quickly and this is maybe true as the group were slightly disappointed in this. 

So overall, a good, if slightly mixed bag. Not quite as dramatic and fast paced as it could have been, The Commune still has some very good moments were interesting ideas and themes are explored in quite innovative ways. Worth checking out for sure. 

Youth Review Score – 3/5