Youth Review: The Danish Girl

03 February 2016
It's Oscar contender time in movie land! A time for big names, big attention seeking films and big attention seeking performances.  So to celebrate this, Youth Review decided we’d do a big attention seeking review of The Danish Girl, the new film from Oscar heavy weight Director Tom Hooper. Starring Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander and telling the story of Einar Wegener’s transformation into Lili Elbe and the subsequent development in Gerda Wegener’s popularity as an artist, The Danish Girl has Oscar potential written all over it. 
So what’s it like? Well the group all agreed it’s sort of… ‘meh,’… or to be more specific some of the group didn’t mind it and some members of the group really didn’t like it.   
So what’s up with it? Well the group as a whole found it quite dull and lacking any real emotional gumption and at least part of the reason for this is the cleanliness of the film. It is squeaky clean and remorselessly beautiful in a way that took away any realism or heart you might want in a true story. To be honest the group felt that it looked more like a perfume advert than a true story. Alongside this the group found some moments cheesy and although Alicia Vikander’s performance stood out as a real film carrying display of acting bravado, the whole thing felt too much like an advert for The Danish Girl to win an Oscar or two. 
One group member also suggested that the film should have focussed more on other key characters slightly more, such as the Doctor who performs surgery on Lili, or the couples dancing friend who doesn’t really do much.  
But it isn’t all bad. In fact one of the most interesting things about the Danish Girl is who the film is actually about. Is it about Lili or is it Gerda? Who is The Danish Girl in the title? Whether or not this was a deliberate choice from the Director, it certainly was an interesting discussion point for the group. Several clues are in fact dropped in the course of the movie, but we will let you work it out for yourselves. 
So overall a pretty, but sadly pretty dull, period drama about one or two Danish girls. Oscar friendly, but perhaps not as interesting as it probably should have been. 
Youth Review Score: 2.5 / 5