Youth Review: The Nice Guys

30 June 2016

The Nice Guys is the new offering from Shane Black and with a wealth of good reviews behind it, Youth Review thought we’d give it a go for ourselves. 

The Nice Guys is an action comedy starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Both these actors are not exactly known for their comedy chops and so it would either be a case of great casting or not so great casting. Thankfully the group felt that both come through with excellently comedic performances that portray these two chaotic characters as likable and fun. 

The film is a comedic take on the crime films of the 70’s and so is a tale of sex and violence. Both Gosling and Crowe play private detectives that get wrapped up in a narrative that steams ahead at with a good pace. The story manages not to distract from the comedy and in fact adds an element of surprise in one or two moments of the film. In fact one moment worked so well that one of the group members thought the film had ended when there was still some way to go.

The action parts are well managed and quite often lead to some very funny moments. There is a bit of violence for those who are squeamish, but it is all in good fun and on the whole, is a great Saturday night flick. 

So overall, this is a likable and fun romp with just the right amount of naughtiness and intelligence. This is highly recommended by Youth review, so check it out if you can. 

Youth Review Score - 4/5