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#MassIsolation Reflections: Onyeweke Joseph

Credit: Onyeweke Joseph, @JoesmartPhotography

#MassIsolation Reflections: Onyeweke Joseph
with QUAD Assistant Curator, Laura O’Leary

QUAD’s Programme Team are sharing highlights from FORMAT’s mass-isolation project @massisolationformat that shows images and experiences shared during the lockdown due to Covid-19.

Credit: Onyeweke Joseph, @JoesmartPhotography

'Onyeweke Joseph has contorted his unprotected body like a lizard, wearing waterproof yellow boots and a mask tapped to his face in his home in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He appears to have metamorphosed to represent a caricature of himself and like an animal in the wild he is expressing his innate reaction - to protect. Onyeweke has produced a number of portraits with captions that reflect on his experience of the lockdown and the measures his community has taken to enforce their safety, 'For the past 3 days no one has slept comfortably in the community where I live...Hoodlams are going from home to home to take, steal and destroy what they can't create.’ He continues by saying that the community has reacted by burning old tires, banging irons to create loud noises and blowing whistles to deter intruders. In another post, he articulates that 'security does not exist in nature'.

- Laura O’Leary, QUAD Assistant Curator

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