Saturday 30 June 2018


Saturday 30th June, 10am – 10pm
After last year’s inaugural edition, Shado Con is back for a second year! Reuniting cast and crew from the cult Gerry Anderson television programme UFO, expect a day pack with panels, Q&As, signings, screenings, models and more. 

SHADO CON 2 special guests will include actress Suzanne Neve, who starred in two of the most dramatic episodes in which she played the wife, and ex-wife, of Ed Bishop's blonde hero Commander Straker, head of the top secret Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation. Suzanne has a lot of memories to share about UFO, as well as other work such as the original classic Forsyte Saga, and filming with ex-Man from Uncle David McCallum.
Other special guests include Modelmaker Alan Shubrook, who worked on UFO and Gerry's other classic programmes such as Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons and Joe 90. Alan will be delivering an exclusive presentation on The Making of UFO, complete with photos from behind the scenes which he took in 1969-70 when the show was being produced. Ayshea Brough, who appeared regularly in UFO, alongside the stars including Ed Bishop as blonde-haired Commander Straker, makes a return appearance. Fans of ‘70s TV will remember Ayshea from her pop show Lift Off, and she will be recounting memories from both classic shows. Actors David Collings (Sapphire And Steel), David Sumner (Captain Craig in Kill Straker!) and Alan Harris (Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy) are also guests. Alan Perry, director of five episodes including Kill Straker! - one of the UFO episodes showing at the convention - also joins the guest list.
To add to the celebrations, private collectors James Winch and Paolo Malaguti will bring and display props and models from UFO, including a life-size working SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) Jeep which will be on show outside the cinema.
There will be episodes of UFO screened in QUAD Cinemas throughout the day, courtesy of Network Entertainment. As the crowning glory of the day, SHADO CON 2 presents a rare showing of Gerry's 1969 cinema film Doppelganger (aka Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun). Starring Roy Thinnes (from TV's The Invaders), Ian Hendry and Patrick Wymark, this was a precursor to UFO, featuring several actors and props such as the SHADO Jeep.
Tickets - £50