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De'Anne Crooks: Seeking

29 Jan
27 Feb 2022
De'Anne Crooks
Image credit: De’Anne Crooks, Great-ish The Gaslighting of a Nation

De'Anne Crooks: Seeking
29 January - 27 February 2022 | QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces
Curated by QUAD Assistant Curator Jodi Kwok

Seeking is a solo show by De’Anne Crooks that shares themes of belonging, care and intimacy.

As an educator, De’Anne intends for their work to create and continue conversations. De’Anne’s use of painting, moving image and text all exist to challenge themes of politicised identities and western ways of teaching and learning.

The exhibition includes paintings from De’Anne’s 2019 project Two Truths and a Lie, their FVU commissioned film and a series of letters from their MA Arts and Education Practices major project.

The moving image work featured in this exhibition can also be seen in the Film and Video Umbrella watch archive online here.