The measures we have in place

Ensuring everyone we work with can participate in a safe environment

In every activity or project, we undertake at QUAD, we are committed to ensuring that every person we work with can participate in a safe environment and with their human rights fully respected

We want to use our power as artists and theatre makers to both prevent and support safeguarding issues for children, young people and adults at risk.

The examples listed in this Safeguarding Risk Register and assessment are provided to assist staff in undertaking their event or activity risk assessment. The list and considerations are not intended to be exhausted. It is the responsibility of each manager or lead to ensure, as far as possible, that any other risks and procedures that are relevant to its own particular circumstances are identified and specified in the written risk assessment and that adequate procedures are in place to address all risks identified.

We are committed to:

  • Getting the right people involved at QUAD through our safer recruitment process and policies.
  • Creating a safe and trusted, safeguarding-positive environment for everyone we work with.
  • Promoting equality by treating everyone with respect and dignity and expecting this of everyone we work with.
  • Encouraging anyone we work with who has a concern or worry to speak to a member of staff and share this concern.
  • Taking seriously anyone who expresses a concern and dealing with it sensitively, with clear explanation of process and outcome.
How we approach Safeguarding:

QUAD’s Safeguarding Policy, which outlines our approach to safeguarding and the procedures we follow in all activities conducted by QUAD, has been developed in accordance with national legislation and guidance.

QUAD recognises that our work with people in a variety of settings will bring us into contact with both adults at risk, young people and children. As such, we are in a position of trust and our responsibilities to them and the organisation must be taken seriously. It is important to recognise how our own attitudes and behaviour can impact on our participants.

We recognise the duty to protect the rights of children, young people and adults at risk and to comply with the principles enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990), the Children Act (1989) and other relevant legislation. We acknowledge that the circumstances within which we are operating can be complex, volatile and changeable, and our approach to safeguarding is designed to be flexible and responsive.

Equality of opportunity

Equality of opportunity and accessibility are at the heart of what we do

The team support one another and help a broad spectrum of people we engage with.

QUAD is a registered charity.