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We believe in making art, film and digital media available to all

At QUAD we believe in making art, film and digital media accessible to all. We focus on supporting a diversity of audiences to engage, develop skills and contribute to contemporary culture. QUAD transforms lives through active participation in art and film.

QUAD is and has been committed to equality, diversity and inclusion since opening in 2008. We recognise it as an ongoing journey through which we want to recognise, support and celebrate our audiences and the people who work with us. We strive to reflect and include this diversity in the myriad of creative activities and cultural events delivered through our ever-evolving programme.

QUAD believes a holistic approach and working in close partnership are key. We include our staff and our Board of Trustees to target key areas for development in our four-year business planning cycle. Our Diversity Sub-group is made up of QUAD Staff and Trustees alongside external partners who can provide specialist insight. Members of the group take a lead on specific areas for development.

We are committed to our team gaining further insights into communities by constantly improving our cultural intelligence through training and development to enable us to further broaden the cultural knowledge, understanding and confidence of the people we engage with.

Wherever possible we will seek low cost, free or partnership training with other organisations.

QUAD works closely with the Local Authority diversity, safeguarding and disability awareness staff and boards to share best practice and knowledge. We employ staff and freelancers who are experienced in working with and supporting people with specific needs.

We are proud of the diversity of our programme and the voices represented within; we will continue to celebrate the voices of the world in our programme.

We will also ensure that our industry recognises the need for a diversity of voices across all areas of activity, and act as advocates for diversity wherever we can.

Download our full Equality, Diversion & Inclusion policy here.


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