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QUAD Virtual Residencies

30 Aug
12 Sep 2021
Diana Pinhao

QUAD is once again working with outstanding recent graduates from the University of Derby BA Fine Art degree, hosting them from 30 August to 12 September as part of our Virtual Residency scheme.  The graduate artists are: Anna Chytrackova and Diana Pinhao.

Anna and Diana will each spend a week taking over the QUAD Gallery Instagram page as part of their residencies. You can visit the page here, and also explore previous examples of our virtual residency scheme: https://www.instagram.com/quad_gallery/ 

QUAD has for many years now provided residencies, awards, exhibitions, work experience and mentoring support to University of Derby students and graduates. In these difficult times of global pandemic, and how that has affected our lives so much, we want to continue our work to give critical portfolio reviews, advice, support, mentoring, presentation opportunities and exposure to graduates embarking on the next stage of their careers.  

The Virtual Residencies will see each artist work in their home space or studio, but with two-weeks of access and support from QUAD Curatorial and Programme Team – with on-going mentoring. 

About the Artists: 

Anna Chytrackova

My current work as a multidisciplinary artist revolves mainly around videography and performance. My other video artworks have also involved digital collages, animation and sculpture which I use as props or sets for my performances. My process also often involves the use of a green screen. I am always open to trying new mediums as they are an amazing source of inspiration and great creative practice. Thematically I am very interested in the idea of visual art as escapism. My video work often explores dreamlike surreal worlds where I wander around as different characters. Alternatively, I also like to investigate absurd concepts, such as a popular saying or phrase being explored visually in a literal way. As a performer I enjoy playing with the idea that I am being perceived by the viewer, reinforcing the notion that I am on a "stage" and that the artwork is just a short escape from the viewer's day to day existence. In my most recent exhibition CHROMA EGRESS, I have taken this concept a few steps further, by painting the exhibition space itself with the exact color used for green screens. It allowed me to film the installation and create video artworks displaying a virtual space, which I then shared on my Instagram account.

I also very much enjoy natural landscapes and imagery. Some of my older video work has been shot in the French countryside. I have recently been filming my performances in forests or prairies again as I feel like they naturally have the ability to evoke a sense of magic and escapism.

Anna Chytrackova Biography

I studied Fine Art at the University of Derby from 2016 until 2021. My most recent exhibition was our graduate show Entropy-19 where I displayed an installation artwork titled CHROMA EGRESS. Over the past year, I have been involved in a few collaborations with various artists through Instagram: I created a music video which was part of Jessie Edelstein's short film Digital Gurl: Welcome 2 my world, I also did some photography editing for a photographer called Melanie Santos based in Uruguay which was published in Fashion Grunge magazine and Revolt Revista. I have also collaborated with a film student from my University, Adam Whitehouse, on two separate projects: our first project was a photoshoot where I modelled and had the chance to have some creative input into the ideas we were exploring. Our second project was a short film titled Gwynn Gwrac'h, where I played the character of a forest witch. 

Currently, I am working on a music video commission for the Canadian band Living Hour. All of the work mentioned is available to view on my Instagram page @annabanana0096 amongst my other ongoing projects.


Diana Pinhao

I make video art installations that are based on how our physical reality intertwines with the digital realm. I seek to explore the overlapping points between the two, not only through the moving image but through the ways of displaying the artworks, by enquiring how much of a person is digital, and how much of a machine is human. In my installations, the presence of electronics demonstrates a thin line between the fetishisation of technology and the irreverence to it.

My most recent video works are focused on the hybridisation of the figurative and the abstract through the technical limitations caused by datamosh. Employing this technique instigates errors on my digital films. By compressing the files and manipulating their key information, I can corrupt my videos in premeditated ways; however, the resulting visuals are heavily shaped by chance. These computational malfunctions generate an array of broken pixels and bleeding colours in the videos, revealing the digital file’s materiality. This aspect allows me to see the file as a body and mind; when deconstructed, it is clear that technology is just as flawed, frail and vulnerable as humans are.

The installation thoughts on borders, lockdowns and isolation features two of videos. These are a reflection of self while being stranded or isolated in either Portugal or the UK, and while constantly being fed news and information that would change my course of action on a daily basis. The glitches often reference my own state of mind, the repetition of routines or the distortion of reality.
I am very grateful to have been selected for this residency. I see it as a great opportunity to share my work with a wider audience and to inspire critical thinking of our relationship with digital media.

Diana Pinhao is a Portuguese interdisciplinary artist based in the UK and Portugal. She recently graduated from University of Derby with a BA in Fine Art. Her work is primarily resolved in videos and large-scale installations. She has recently been selected to create a piece of work that will be shown at Derby Cathedral.