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Virtual Gallery: QUAD Self Portrait (Online)

Image credit: Bob Moulder

QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces
Curated by Laura O’Leary

QUAD Self Portrait Online
7 September 2020 - 24 January 2021

Following a global open-call for digital self-portraits (May-August 2021) we received a number of fantastic, creative responses. We asked you to response to the question: with so many of us in lockdown, self isolating and working from home, with human inter-connections changing - how do we look inwards at ourselves? And how do we look towards the “new normal” following the outbreak of COVID-19?

In QUAD’s Extra Gallery Spaces we are delighted to present a digital showcase of fifty-three self portraits and printed works that offer a form of reflection on the time that has passed and how that has been represented by artists around the world. 


Header image by Bob Moulder