Since 2008, TECH:SQUAD operated as the in-house technical team for QUAD.

We have installed hundreds of exhibitions working with some of the country’s top artists to solve digital problems within a Gallery context. As a result of this specialist experience, we now outsource the unique skillset we have developed. All profits generated go back into the charitable work QUAD does to make film, art and digital media accessible to all.

Contact Darius Powell for more information on what TECH:SQUAD can do or to organise a site visit.

Digital Development

TECH:SQUAD has spent over a decade now working with artists, venues and creatives. We have installed all of QUAD’s exhibitions, and we have years of experience as digital problem solvers.

If you’re looking at ways to bring your artwork to life – whether that be a theatre show that needs an app developed, a VR recreation of a long-since-gone exhibition, or a wall that animates as soon as someone touches it – then get in touch and we can explore the most cutting-edge technology with you through our digital consultation services.

Indoor Event Cinema

From screenings of Reservoir Dogs in warehouses to festive cinema events in cathedrals, TECH:SQUAD has produced hundreds of cinema screenings in unusual locations. These have brought communities together, raised funds for organisations, and allowed people to see the spaces we screen in in an entirely different light.

With a variety of different PA solutions and screen sizes – from our 7-metre giant inflatable screen for up to 600 people indoors, to our 3m screen ideal for village halls, we’ve got a package and an option to suit every space.

Photo by Charlotte Jopling.

Projection Mapping

TECH:SQUAD holds a significant amount of projection equipment, from 20,000-lumens projectors capable of covering football pitches to lower-lumens projectors ideal for creating rear-projection surfaces on glass in shopfronts.

We also have year upon year of animation experience and technical know-how. If you have a space - whether it be an empty shop unit or bustling pub, castle or lighthouse – that you would like to bring to life through projection mapping, we can see your project through from initial concept to animation design, trial nights, and technical install.  

Projection mapping is a proven way of developing income streams through ticketed events, particularly in castle courtyards, cathedral quadrangles or private parks. It’s also a brilliant and innovative way of bringing your heritage to life – perfect for an activity plan on a funding bid!

Digital Heritage Interpretation

Working with digital in a heritage context is sometimes very difficult, with volunteer and staff unsure of the complexity involved and uncertain of where to start. TECH:SQUAD has many years experience of working with major heritage funders in the UK, working within heritage settings to install innovative, engaging and cutting-edge digital content that tells the story of the heritage of a space.

Within this context, the heritage we install – whether it be a tablet that peels back the layers of time in Lichfield Cathedral, showing visitors how the Cathedral looked during the English Civil War, or an app that rebuilds the ruins of a Roman construction – is user-friendly, resilient and future-proof, designed to engage new audiences with the heritage of your space.

If you’re considering a funding bid to a major funder, have a chat with us first; we can discuss – with no obligation – initial budgets and costings around digital activity related to your Activity Plan or Engagement Strategy, and we can also provide your organisation with the skills to look towards a new digital future.

Gallery And Exhibition Builds

TECH:SQUAD has installed hundreds of exhibitions at QUAD over a 13 year period, and is the install agency for the FORMAT International Photography Festival. We have also produced large-scale exhibitions as part of Coventry’s City of Culture 2021 programme at venues including Coventry Transport Museum and the Herbert. From wall building to projection installs, conductive paint technologies to plinth building, your needs can be met by our technical team.

Outdoor Cinema

Looking to run an outdoor cinema experience for your community? TECH:SQUAD have been responsible for hundreds of outdoor cinema screenings as hires, and across the UK under the Summer Nights Film Festival banner. Running since 2009, we are one of the longest-running providers of outdoor cinema screenings in the country, and the only one operating as a charity, making art and film accessible to all. TECH:SQUAD can book the film of your choice and run the box office. We own a number of screens suitable for indoor and outdoor use, whether it’s a backyard barbeque, a festive screening at a church or an outdoor community fundraiser.

Photo by Graham Lucas Commons