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The Father (12A)

11 Jun
24 Jun 2021

Directed by

Florian Zeller

The Father (12A)

Anthony Hopkins' unflinching performance as a man in the grips of dementia powers nabbed him the Oscar for Best Actor in Florian Zeller’s screen adaptation of his 2012 award-winning play. Anthony is 81 years old. He lives alone in his London flat and refuses all the nurses his daughter Anne (Olivia Colman) tries to impose upon him. But the necessity of organising care is becoming more and more pressing, as she’s decided to move to Paris with a man she’s just met. Zeller’s brutal, fractured film explores the agonising trajectory of dementia from the sufferer’s point of view, as reality dissembles, crumbles, and finally becomes something that can’t be trusted; whilst also telling the story of Anne, grappling with the painful question of what to do with her father.  

"Masterful and agonising, The Father is a gorgeously crafted film" - New York Magazine.