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23rd Mar 2024

To Fire You Come At Last + Q+A


In rural 17th century England, a group of men gather to carry a coffin on the long walk to the local graveyard for burial. A great deal of ancient folklore and superstition surrounds the route to the church, and several of the men are afraid to walk it after dark. Squire Marlow, the grieving father of the dead man, promises to double their wages if they agree to make the journey.

The group comprises of Holt, a young carpenter from the local village, who was also the best friend of the deceased; Ransley, a drunken peasant; Pike, the Squire’s thuggish manservant; and the Squire himself. As they set out on the walk, their conversation quickly becomes argumentative, and even violent. In the course of their quarrelling, it is gradually revealed that Ransley and Holt had each wronged the dead man, and Squire Marlow threatens them with retribution upon their return to the village.

After the sun sets, they begin to be plagued by a series of unexplained events. An unseen hound – according to legend, an omen of ill fortune – seems to be following them, and Ransley starts to catch glimpses of what appears to be a spectral figure. Panic quickly sets in amongst the group, despite the Squire’s increasingly brutal attempts to maintain order. As the darkness closes in around them and further revelations come to light, the men eventually come to realise they may be the victims of a mysterious plot. But just who is behind the plot, and why? And will any of them survive to see the following dawn?

The screening will be followed by an on-stage interview with director Sean Hogan and and actor James Swanton. 

Screening as part of Darkness In The Fields Film Festival.

With thanks to Severin Films for all their support!

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Director:Sean Hogan



Runtime:43m + 45m Q+A




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