QUAD Staff Top 10 Films of 2018!


21 December 2018

QUAD Staff Top 10 Films of 2018!

2018, where has it gone?!

It only seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 10th birthday in the miraculous summer heat – and now, it’s December, and we’re just about to walk into 2019!

It’s been a great year, and to celebrate, we’ve picked the brains of our wonderful team to take a look back over the year and find our staff favourite films of 2018:

10: Shoplifters

‘Oh, I loved this film! Humorous, emotional and great cinematography; it made me shed a little tear in the cinema. An interesting look at family bonds through a wonderful cast of outcasts.’ – Hope

9: The Rider

‘A drama telling the story of an American bronco rider who suffers a horrific brain injury, played by a non-professional actor who made his name as an American bronco rider who suffered a career-ending horrific brain injury; The Rider was one of the most ‘authentic’ film experiences I’ve had in years. Cinema at its purest, and an unexpected treat.’ – Alex

8: First Reformed

7: Oh, Lucy

6: Climax

5: Hereditary

4: Isle of Dogs

…and here’s our staff’s top 3 films of 2018…

3: Possum

‘2018 was a superb year for (relatively low-budget) British cinema, and Possum and Pin Cushion in particular were real highlights. Possum just edges Pin Cushion out of my top five for its sheer inventiveness; visually striking, stunning storytelling with a black, black heart. Taking as its central focus a harrowing plot point of abuse, it moved away from the kitchen-sink sensibility of its subject matter to create a visual feast with some terrifying puppetry. Like Lynch at his best, it crept into my subconscious and refused to leave.’ – Alex

2: Lady Bird

‘…because a female led, directed and written film is my kinda film.’ – Hope

1: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

‘Oh my days, Frances McDormand can ACT!’ – Daisy

‘Exactly what I hoped more and more. Held together by a superb performance by Frances McDormand (a deserved Oscar winner, for once!), I was particularly impressed by the way the film dealt with racism and ‘small-town-ness’. Frances McDormand was also achingly cool – the undercut is here to stay!’ – Alex

So, there it is! What do you think – did we vote well? You can take a look at our QUAD’s Top Films of 2018! to see how this list compares to ticket sales of 2018.


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