YOUNG FORMAT23 Exhibition opportunity for young photographers aged 25 years and under.


05 January 2023

YOUNG FORMAT23 Exhibition opportunity for young photographers aged 25 years and under.

 Joshua, FORMAT21

QUAD is excited to announce that our Young Advocates are seeking photographs from children and young people, aged 25 years and under, to exhibit as part of the FORMAT23 Biennale. 

FORMAT23 is an international Photography Festival taking place in venues across Derby from 16th March – 9th April 2023. 

This year’s festival is exploring ‘what photography can be’ and it will feature a range of work by photographers from all around the world. It’s a brilliant opportunity to show your photographic skills to a huge audience of photography fans from far and wide.

We want to see your photographic interpretations of ‘Redefining the landscape or portrait

Try and be creative with your subject matter by thinking about:

•    What emotions do you want to inspire?
•    Different angles and viewpoints.
•    Composition, shapes, light and colour.
•    Abstract and conceptual interpretations of the theme.
•    Experimentation of new techniques 
•    Unconventional pictures/ using unconventional methods 
•    Exploring new perspectives 

How to approach this:

Use what you’ve got! You don’t need any special equipment or experience. 
There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so enjoy yourself and feel free to experiment. This year is all about what photography can be, so try things out, push the boundaries, think outside of the box and see what happens. We can’t wait to see your submissions and we encourage everyone to have a go! 

QUAD’s Young Advocates will be choosing a selection of images to feature in a physical, photography exhibition that will take place in Derby city centre as part of the FORMAT23 Biennale.

Key Dates:

Deadline for submissions: Sunday 22nd January 2023
Selection of images by QUAD’s Young Advocates: February 2023
All artists will be notified of the outcome during February 2023

How to submit your work:

Send up to 5 images with a short description that explains how your work responds to the theme.

Please send your submissions to the Young Advocates at:

File Guidelines:
Name: Save your file with your FIRSTNAME_AGE (e.g. AMY_SMITH_22).
Format: Save your file as a JPEG or JPG no larger than 10MB.

Teachers and Lecturers
If you would like to send submissions on behalf of your students, please send to via

Please note:
For submissions that include images of children and young people aged under 18, we will need to contact the parent or carer to seek permission. 

Terms and conditions 

By submitting your images you agree for them to be featured on the QUAD and FORMAT associated social media. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to exhibit your work if you submit it in a different file format or size. All work must be your own. You will be infringing copyright law if you submit someone else’s work as your own. 

FORMAT23 is not responsible for verifying authenticity of authorship.

QUAD’s Young Advocates are a group of creative producers, decision makers, and film makers aged 16-25. To find out more about the Young Advocates please find us at , on Instagram @quad_young_collective and Facebook

QUAD is a registered charity.