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Dryden Goodwin Alongside

29 Feb
05 Apr 2020
Dryden Goodwin
Image credit: Dryden Goodwin

Dryden Goodwin Alongside

This exhibition has now ended. Fortunately, you can explore this exhibition in an interactive virtual 3D experience, provided by V21 Artspace below:

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QUAD Gallery Two
29th February – 5th April 2020

Alongside (2019) is a sensory study by artist Dryden Goodwin of the working life of a social care worker, supporting three vulnerable disabled adult clients, as they access the world beyond the day-care centre.

This most intimate and delicate of jobs is rendered through Goodwin’s camera lens, pencil drawings and layered soundtrack, to create a moving inquiry into proximity and empathy. For the exhibition, accompanying the 24-minute film will be the original drawings created by Goodwin during the making of the film.

Alongside is a co-commission between QUAD and Animate Projects as part of the WORK Project.

Part of QUAD's Co-Lab Season

A five-week showcase in QUAD Gallery of newly co-commisioned digital and film work, plus participation activities.

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