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Gotcha ;)

13 Jul
11 Aug 2018
Image credit: Image by Charlotte Jopling

Duncan Poulton, Ralph Pritchard and Emily Sparkes
QUAD Young Advocates Open Call Exhibition
QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces
14 July – 12 August 2018

A three-person show with video and prints works by Duncan Poulton, Ralph Pritchard and Emily Sparkes. Curated by QUAD’s Young Advocates, a group of creatively minded 16-25 year olds mentored by QUAD’s curatorial team.
The exhibition process began with an international open call devised by the Young Advocates, who posed the question: The Internet: Is it Helping us or Hurting us? The question was formulated in one of their fortnightly sessions, where they discussed the internet at large; validation through social media “likes”, forms of vocabulary found on the internet, and the effect of scrolling through infinite feeds of posts.
The Young Advocates selected the exhibited works as they collectively articulated and developed the key ideas they discussed, including the grip the internet has on users, the *wink wink nudge nudge* effect of humorous posts shared online, the manipulation of digitised information and the effect of sharing real-time information via the internet.

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