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Machine Made: Art, Robots and AI

30 Jun
09 Sep 2017
Machine Made
Image credit: Philipp Schmitt, Stephan Bogner & Jonas Voigt, Raising Robotic Natives, 2016

QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces
Since the dawn of the Information Age scientists, technologists and artists have been working with machines or programmes to produce artworks.  As innovation continues at a rapid pace and access to technology becomes widespread, artists have more opportunities than ever to experiment with new ways of producing art.

This exhibition presents the work of selected artists who responded to a national open call seeking artworks that utilise robotics or Artificial Intelligence at some stage in their production, or artworks that explore and question the ethics and issues surrounding our technological future, specifically relating to robots and A.I.

Jake Elwes
Duncan Gough
Philipp Schmitt, Stephan Bogner & Jonas Voigt
Marisa Tapper & Rob Homewood
Neale Willis

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