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1971 Season - The Last Picture Show (15)

29 Sep 2021

Directed by

Peter Bogdanovich

The Last Picture Show

Peter Bogdanovich and his partner Polly Platt were cinephiles before the term was invented. With a history of absorbing the classics it is no surprise that once cut loose from the restraints of the Roger Corman school of filmmaking, they would make a film that is an elegy to cinema itself shot in evocative black and white cinematography. This adaptation of Larry McMurtry’s novel has an aching melancholy for the love-lost unfulfilled lives of the older generation as well as the exploits of the high school football stars Sonny (Timothy Bottoms) and Duane (Jeff Bridges). Sonny is drifting into an affair with an older woman (Cloris Leachman) and Duane is experiencing problems with his self-centred, social-climbing girl friend Jacy (Cybill Shepherd). Meanwhile, the local cinema so dear to the friends and so evocative of the innocence of their childhood years, is faced with closure.

The screening at 7pm will be introduced by guest speaker Steve Hardy.

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