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Never Gonna Snow Again (15) S

22 Nov
25 Nov 2021

Directed by

Małgorzata Szumowska & Michal Englert

Never Gonna Snow Again (15) S

When a mysterious stranger arrives in a gated community on the outskirts of a large Polish city, he is welcomed by the wealthy residents who embrace his talents as a masseur. Though his hands provide healing, his eyes seem to penetrate their very souls, lifting a disquiet in each of their lives. Zhenia (Alec Utgoff) possesses a magical gift and to the residents, his Russian accent also sounds like a song from the past, a peaceful melody from their childhood when the world was a safer place. And though his hypnotic techniques bring calm his background remains a mystery, leaving the residents to wonder what other secrets he holds. Bold, beautiful, and mesmeric,

Never Gonna Snow Again is the striking new film from Małgorzata Szumowska and her longtime collaborator Michał Englert. Featuring a hypnotic lead performance from Utgoff, this outstanding new film is both wondrous, compelling, and uplifting.