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Accidentally on Purpose

26 Jul
06 Oct 2012
Accidentally on Purpose exhibition
Image credit: Image by Chris Seddon

Curated by Candice Jacobs and Fay Nicolson, produced in collaboration with QUAD

Featuring: Becky Beasley, Rachel Lois Clapham & Emma Cocker, Karen Cunningham, Michael Dean, Cyprien Gaillard, Ryan Gander, Paul Graham, Jonathan Monk, Rose O’Gallivan, Edit Oderbolz, Dan Rees, Clunie Reid, George Shaw, and Ryszard Wasko.

Accidentally on Purpose is an exhibition that examined the relationship between success and failure through the use of common place materials and repetitive processes, exploring recurring problems and the strategies for (re)approaching them.
Accidentally on Purpose takes its title from an American Sitcom that is situated in the banality of the everyday. The Sitcom characters strive to make the best of unfortunate situations, repetitively re-negotiating the uncertainty of their lives. The desire for escapism through the mass media and episodic formulas suggests an interesting context and approach to this exhibition. Curators Candice Jacobs and Fay Nicolson selected works that embrace intentional mistakes whilst challenging aesthetic decisions, sincere gestures or logical actions. 

Alongside the main exhibition there was a programme of public events, films, talks, performances and commissioned artist soundtracks. There was also be a specially commissioned web project that involved 100 artists, writers and curators.


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